PQI Fingerprint Unlock Mini Wireless USB2.0 USB Dongle for Windows Hello Windows 7/8.1/10 Computer

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Specifications:1. Dimensions: (L)20.0mm*(W)16.5mm*(T)8.0mm ±0.1mm2. Weight: 3g ± 0.5g3. Interface: USB 2.04. OS Supported: Windows 10/8.1/7; Browser support: Internet Explorer (IE) onlyPackage Included:1x PQI Fingerprint USB DongleWith capacitive touch technology, PQI My Lockey takes advantage of Windows 10 Hello biometrics and utilizes your fingerprint as your personal ID. It is the fastest in identifying your fingerprint, is non-directional, more accurate and responsive than traditional optics.It is the ultimate personal protection.World's fastest, gold-key identification within 0.15 seconds  
Using capacitive touch technology, it is more accurate and responsive than traditional optics.Your fingerprint identification can be recognized within 0.15 seconds.Designed for Windows Hello  Compatible with Windows 10, 8.1 and 7 operating systems  Couple for Microsoft Windows Hello biometric with PQI My Lockey, follow the Accounts' Sign-in option promptsfor fingerprint password setup and you're on your way to secure your personal data and never having to remember complex passwords, ever!Certified by Fast Identity Online (FIDO) Alliance  The Fast IDentity Online (FIDO) Alliance is an industry consortium that addresses the lack of interoperabilityamong strong authentication devices and it also resolves malicious trojan programs from obtaining yourpassword. Whether it is ecommerce, online payments, software / hardware system integrators or traditional PKItoken certification,PQI My Lockey is FIDO certified, it is platform / system interoperableand meets modern digital data safety needs
Non-directional Access and Breath-sensing Algorithm Keep Forgers Away   Use any of your fingertips, left or right hand, you can use it as your security pass to safeguard your personal data.Featuring breath-sensing and high precision algorithm to detect forged fingerprints,making your data safer and harder for high-tech forgers to access!Delicate for dimensions with status LEDs  About the size of a coin, the delicate for dimensions blends into your ultrabook for dimensions while thestatus LEDs let the user know its' operating statuses. Excellent value for ultimate personal securityFor a cost-effective solution that features the ultimate personal security, PQI's My Lockey is of excellent value.At a fraction of the cost, it offers similar biometric identification personal security capabilities.